Our sister company, Install Audio, carries out installed audio system installs for customers across the UK. Call us today to discuss your property and your wishes for an integrated audio system. 

Multiroom audio 
As one of the UK’s leading Multi-room audio system installers we are serving customers with systems ranging from a single zone to 10+ audio zones across large 8+ bedroom homes & commercial properties.

Sonos Installers
Popular with many customers looking for a more basic setup, the Sonos amplifiers systems act as a good control system for customers in Greater Manchester and Cheshire looking for audio built into their home with simple control from a tablet or Smartphone via the Sonos app. 

Systemline 7 audio systems for single rooms or whole house audio

The Systemline 7 Multi room audio 'Wired for Wireless' system is a fully featured 2-24 zone multi source Hi-Fi system with TV sound integration. 100% music with zero clutter. Control of the system is via a dedicated iOS / Android app or with built-in integrated control panels and switches wired throughout your home. This 'wired for wireless' system brings reliability with zero drop outs or quality issues that may occur with wireless systems such as Sonos.

AV installers in UK
With many years of experience installing audio, visual and power systems in homes our team of installers take pride in good customer service and great results in customers’ homes with system that customers can enjoy for many years to come. Contact us today to discuss your system and how we can help you.

 AV installers