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Sonos is a clear market leader in multi room audio systems. We regularly recommend, design and install Sonos based multi-room audio systems given its reliability, build quality, ease of setup, music availability and ease of use for the end user.


Sonos as an integrated multi-room solution?

To take Sonos one set further beyond its wireless speakers mulit-room design, such as the Play1 & Play3 is to use Sonos as the backbone of an installed mulit-room audio system with integrated ceiling and in-wall speakers. Customers still get the easy award winning app control of multiple zones but now benefit from ceiling and In-wall speakers giving high quality sound, plus the option of integrated touch wall panels to control their audio system. 

 Sonos multi room audio

What is required for Sonos multi-room audio?

We advise customers to run speaker cables into their home with ceiling or in-wall speakers in each zone. The cables are run back to a central cupboard housing the houses AV components. Each zone can then be fed audio by a Sonos Connect:AMP, this gives 2 x 55 watts power and is ample for even power hungry ceiling speakers, with fantastic audiophile sound quality and easy control from iOS or Android devices.


Monitor audio CWT 


What ceiling speakers should i use with Sonos?

Great question, our team can design you the perfect system for your home. The Sonos Connect:Amp can work with any ceiling speakers given its versatility, therefore your consideration is to the right speakers for your property and your individual requirements from your installed multi room audio system. Contact us to discuss your system today.

wall touch panel sonos


Sonos wall touch panels

All Sonos systems as controlled by iOS or Android based apps on either a smartphone or tablet device. Where a wall touch panel is desired we recommend customers use our iDocx products to integrate an Apple iPad into their zone. These panels host an iPad keeping the device constantly charged ready for use. iPads can be locked to the Sonos app or left unlocked so that any app from the iPad can be utilised. 


Sonos multi room audio connections


Best Sonos performance 

In our experience the best performance is obtained from Sonos Connect:AMPs by connecting a CAT5 cable into the amplifiers from the houses router or network patch panel (in larger networks). This hard wired connection gives a totally reliable network connection that is not dependant on the wifi performance In a property. 


sonos wireless speakers multi room


Adding Sonos wireless speakers to your integrated system?

Customers can choose a Connect:AMP for most zones in their home and then add additional smaller Sonos wireless speakers such as a Play:1 or Play:3 as they desire. 


outdoor sonos speakers


What about sound outdoors?

For outdoor zones we recommend customers run cables to their outdoor zone, be it a garden or a patio, and then install all weather speakers powerful enough to suit the listening area required. This outdoor zone can then be powered by a Sonos:Connect amp. 


sonos connect


What if I already have an amplifier or multi-channel amplifier?

Great question, a Sonos Connect can be used with an existing amplifier to control a zone. The Sonos Connect can control the zone's volume from the app and maximum volume can be set by the existing amplifier. 


How do you setup / program Sonos?

Sonos products all come with very straight forward setup instructions that allow any of their products to be setup by normal individuals, I.e. You don't need to be a brain surgeon or a nuclear physicist. Sonos have also released extensive video guides to aid customers in configuring their system. 

 sonos multiroom av rack


Can Sonos work with TV's and other sources in my zones?

Sonos Connect & Connect:Amp have an auto-sensing RCA line-in. The units will switch to this audio automatically when a signal is recieved. They can recieve line level audio from any source although the volume level is controlled via the sonos app, not via the TV remote. The sonos products can not be used with a programmable remote control and do not have any Infra-Red functionality. For customers looking to listen to audio from TV's and other sources in zones with local volume control of the TV we recommend Systemline 7 as a multi-room audio system that is designed to work alongside TV's in listening zones, other systems are available, talk to us about your options.

Where do I keep all my Sonos amplifiers?

To keep your equipment well organised and well ventilated an AV rack is the best course of action. We also have a range of custom AV rack shelves cut to suit Sonos and other AV components, see our range here. 


Sonos multi room audio

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