How to run cables around your home

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When installing ceiling speaker systems, multi room audio and distributed HDMI solutions some cables need to be installed within your home if these haven't already been installed by a previous owner or builder. 

Here we will cover some basic practices and techniques for installing cables within your home. We are personally AV installers and have extensive knowledge of installation of ceiling speakers and associated custom install products. 

 Property renovation 

If you are renovating a property your task is much more straight forward than when installing cabling in an existing finished property, although certainly not impossible. We regularly retro fit our systems into existing finished properties. 

Cable rods

Cables can be run into inaccessible areas using cable rods, these fibre-glass rods allow you to pull a cable by taping you required cable to one end with insulation tape and pulling the rods through a cavity. These rods are ideal for installing cables in:

  • Under flooring across a room
  • Across a ceiling in line with ceiling joists
  • Inside hollow walls
  • Across a suspended ceiling 

Planning and preparation

We always plan the route of a cable prior to starting its installation, this helps us foresee any potential complications. We always recommend an 'installation' grade cable as normal CAT5 & speaker cables are often easily damaged within the installation process. Our installation grade cabling also has Low Smoke Zero Halogen capability that is a requirement in some building regulations, generally for commercial use. 

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