Wife Approved Dolby Atmos Lounge Home Cinema

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Our installer team recently carried out this custom Installation as part of a home renovation. This beautiful lounge home cinema was created with simplicity and chic in mind, and as much as possible hidden away from sight. Note the Radius 90 Gloss White rear surrounds matched with the rooms colour scheme, which were chosen as no wall cavity for in-wall speakers was available, nor did a ceiling speaker suit as a rear overhead.

Given the houses construction of breeze block walls no wall cavity existed at all and hence the front Left, Right and Centre channels were installed into a false wall that we built to give an ideal cavity for these beautiful Monitor Audio WT250-LCR in-wall speakers.

Monitor Audio CT265-FX's were used for Dolby Atmos ceiling speakers in bi-pole mode giving a wide field of sound dispersion, absolutely ideal for this 5.1.2 setup.

All this pairs together perfectly with Monitor Audio's Radius 390 Subwoofer in White Gloss

All in all its an absolutely lush living room that provides movies just the way that Dolby wanted them to be in an environment that oozes relaxation and chic.


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