Wife Approved Dolby Atmos Lounge Home Cinema

Our installer team recently carried out this custom Installation as part of a home renovation. This beautiful lounge home cinema was created with simplicity and chic in mind, and as much as possible hidden away from sight. Note the Radius 90 Gloss White rear surrounds matched with the rooms colour scheme, which were chosen as no wall cavity for in-wall speakers was available, nor did a ceiling speaker suit as a rear overhead.

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Which cables to install and why

Modern homes with integrated video and audio systems require the correct cables installing to make present and possible future systems easy to setup and use.

When renovating a property and planning your cabling installation as a minimum we recommend a speaker cable and a CAT5e to each zone from a central point where your equipment will be permanently setup, such as an AV rack or cupboard. Some people house these areas in their garage or centrally in an inside cupboard, we have even seen them under the stairs. Choose an accessible area where all your AV cabling can run back to.

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How to run cables around your home

When installing ceiling speaker systems, multi room audio and distributed HDMI solutions some cables need to be installed within your home if these haven't already been installed by a previous owner or builder. 

Here we will cover some basic practices and techniques for installing cables within your home. We are personally AV installers and have extensive knowledge of installation of ceiling speakers and associated custom install products. 

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How To Fit Ceiling Speakers

Fitting ceiling speakers into your ceiling is a relatively simple task with some forward planning and the correct tools. Installed speakers look fantastic, save space, can sound great and are very sophisticated. 

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